Because you are savvy and only want to pay the fair price


Because you are fiercely independent and endorse individuality


Because you can think for yourself and seek out what intrigues you

Vanassibara must be on the side that disrupts the industry to stand far apart from the mainstream, whilst maintaining our leading edge designs and unquestionable quality.

In the recent past, the fashion industry has created trends from excessive hype and design has taken a backseat to this. Hype = Money? Seriously that approach adds an unnecessary premium to the actual cost …then add the cost of overhead for a typical ‘bricks & mortar’ retailer and next thing you know, prices have been multiplied many fold!

“Our brand must be on the side that disrupts the industry”

For a brand like Vanassibara who has always been fiercely independent, completely self-funded, and believes wholeheartedly that a great design comes first, supporting hype does not interest us. We do not dress followers, we dress leaders …let’s break this trend together!!!

“We do not dress followers, we dress leaders”

So what are we really doing about this?

With the advances in online shopping and global deliveries, it has never been easier to skip in-person shopping. Plus, you can buy direct from a brand at a more reasonable price. So as a savvy shopper, you can acquire top quality designs by side stepping the middle man and purchasing them direct via our secure website.

Vanassibara sells direct to consumer only and we pass those savings straight to our clients 🙂



We design footwear to make our clients feel genuinely better. Whether you wear one of our lace-ups, a sneaker or a chinelo, when you are in Vanassibaras you are safe! We are a high end designer brand and our products are immaculately made following the best artisanal techniques. Vanassibara is run from London by Diego and Gotzon. Diego is from south Brazil and he looks after the creative areas whilst Gotzon, who’s from Finland, is the man that makes sure that the business runs smoothly. This hot and cold synergy allows us to build a high energy label that thinks differently.

  • Vanassibara was six times a recipient of the coveted NEWGEN prize, an initiative from the British Fashion Council to support emerging talent. The brand was also the winner of Footwear Friends Award, a prize from British Footwear Association and Footwear Friends.

  • We have done several custom-made installation displays for Isetan Shinjuku, the supreme Department Store in Japan, like the one in the picture above called The Prism

  • The Tornado, one of our daring installations, traveled to Tokyo to be exhibited alongside our shoes at the prestigious Dover Street Market Ginza concept store

  • Another of our Fashion Week installations, The Crying Forest, was on display in Hong Kong at On Pedder, a footwear reference in the region

  • The brand collaborated with celebrated Japanese designer Mihara Yasuhiro on two separate occasions to create two capsule shoe collections

  • Both collections were launched during Paris Fashion Week Men’s

  • Vanassibara was invited by L’Uomo Vogue to create a shoe in collaboration with MINI Automobile for their fashion arm of the business. The shoe was launched during Pitti Uomo in Florence as part of “Beyond Native”, a project between L’Uomo Vogue, GQ Italy and MINI.

  • Adelaide, a sea shell inspired sculpture, was created in collaboration between Vanassibara and the artist Victoria Adam and auctioned for charity at Christies London, as part of a fashion and art project between The Royal Academy of Art and the British Fashion Council




“[Vanassibara] shares our passion for the personal touch.”


“One of the best emerging menswear designers in Britain.”

The Telegraph

“Shoes like high-end sports car for the foot.”


“A shoemaker at heart… his futuristic-looking biker boots, patchwork brogues and loafers are an instant hit.”

British GQ

“Vanassibara brings renewal to fashion through luxurious and creative footwear.”

GQ Brasil

“His volcanic creative vein leads him to create distictive, unique and original designs.”






How does Vanassibara take care of the environment?


  • We have always gone against the grain of fashion’s trend conventions, and designed shoes that are timeless products that serve their owners for a long time
  • We maximise the wearability of our products by designing shoes that are combinable with a variety of clothes. The versatility of our shoes makes them suitable for any time of the day or night


  • Our soles are made from either natural rubber or leather, never from plastics or derivate. Why? Because plastic materials and its hundreds of derivates found in footwear soles are among the main sources of micro plastics in the oceans and lakes, as it is shown in the study by the prestigious German Fraunhofer Institute.
  • We know the names of each individual craftsperson that makes our products. We work with family run ateliers and small factories that employ local workers in the Serra Gaúcha and Vale do Sinos, in the deep South of Brazil.


  • Our production facilities and the vast majority of our supply chain is located in areas that rely on electricity sourced from clean energy, 75% to be precise, including hydroelectrics and wind farms.


  • We have eliminated wasteful tissue wrapping paper and instead, each shoe is protected inside a very nice re-usable shoe bag
  • Our boxes are constructed of certified paper, meaning that they are made with material from well-managed forests