The elements – especially the extreme ones – were very much on Diego Vanassibara’s mind for autumn winter 2015. Looking to the skies he imagined his collection of hand-made beautifully crafted yet robust shoes and boots had been exposed to a tumultuous storm. Struck by lightning – flashes of silver on buckles and zips – or damaged by hail as seen on pebbled leathers. Raindrops are translated into hand embroidered details on a lace up oxford. At the same time, parts of this AW collection are entirely fit for wintery wet conditions – waterproof zips, rain resistant leathers, chunky heels and rubber soles are seen throughout. The colour palette was also inspired by stormy weather and forboding clouds. Black and dark greys pervade the collection while navy blue enhances a brushed leather boot with a moulded sole. A softer sand colour appears on loafers while a weekender shoe catches the eye in brilliant white. Signature Diego Vanassibara details such as lacquered wood accessories (worked by a veteran Rolls Royce lacquer specialist), platform heel and exquisitely finished lightweight soles feature throughout the collection and the more rugged, hard wearing brogues sit next to a super elegant, formal style oxford made from a glossy brushed leather. Edges are raw while leathers are precision cut, angles acute. Detail with stylish functionality is paramount.

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