Known for his in depth researches, this time the designer studies took him from classic mosaics, to 1950’s Brazilian tile works, through stain glass and arriving at broken and smashed windows and glass panels, which brought the collection an always present element of “danger”.

The craft and experiment with these concepts sparked some striking results. They include:
· A cracked glass effect made from laser-cut acrylic that is completely bendable during walking
· A destroyed/marbled looking soles made from vulcanized rubber and textiles
· See-through effect done on mesh-like bonded leather
· Resin and lacquer treatments on material surfaces
· Embroidery and digital print onto leather based on reinterpretations of mid-century Brazilian art

This season is also highlighted by the offering of styles that are well suited for holiday and vacation time, be it in the city or seaside. Never loosing the originality and chic appeal of any Vanassibara design, these summery propositions are sure to become a hit and ever present in the feet of those “in the know”.

*Trincado, in Portuguese (Diego’s mother tongue), means “cracked”, “fractured”.