The Hoist, in London, is a place where guys go for some hedonistic adventures. And it is that notorious venue and its mood that have served as the inspiration for this installation, which kindly borrows its name from the aforementioned club.

In design and fashion, bondage, fetish, masochism among others are often delivered with a dark and serious undertone. Vanassibara, however, as a good Brazilian, sees things from a more jocose manner bringing some “approachability” to beginners in the field.

The collection is a high energy, full of originality and powerful one. Yes we can expect plenty of dark hues, mostly black, but they are attenuated by the insertion of metallic’s that refract the light and add a sense of movement to the shoes. Surfaces are shiny, sometimes glossy, and the silhouettes slick with great proportion. Razor sharp cuts are a given and precision is everywhere.

The soles are extra chunky and there’s more interaction this time between the upper and the soles. Some styles feature removable belts that go under a gap between heel and platform or around the heel itself. One style in particular lets the wearer style the long belt around ankle and arrange it on the shoe according to the many snap buttons available. Mesh of belts and buckles is also a feature present in shoes and weekenders too.

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