Diego is from the countryside of South Brazil. He moved to England at the age of 22 after studying architecture at his native country. In London, he trained at the prestigious Cordwainer’s college of footwear and in 2013 the label that bares his name was launched.

Vanassibara’s perspective on design is a distinct one. His upbringing, contrasted to the life in the English capital, has gathered strength for the perfect storm of original ideas; a juxtaposition of references that include the urban, architecture, history and a firm foot in nature.

Brazil is very close to the designer’s heart and that is key to Diego’s uniqueness: the ability to combine impossible ingredients and stir them into a well balanced cocktail. Because the cocktail metaphor exemplifies the mixed origins of Brazilians themselves. Diego’s parents are from Mediterranean, Northern European, Brazilian and native indigenous background. That had to have an impact in the designer’s aesthetics.

Through Diego’s eyes shoes become a modern and idiosyncratic blend of feelings and forms designed by a man who calls himself “a constrained maximalist”.

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